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Alexa has been living with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia for nearly thirteen years. After being diagnosed at age 16, she opted to try an experimental drug instead of undergoing the standard treatment: bone marrow transplant. The drug proved successful and she continues to take a dose of oral chemotherapy every day with the intention of keeping the cancer at a controlled level. Despite dealing with daily side effects of the her disease and its treatment, she has never let her ailment hold her back from pursuing her dreams and refuses to let her disease define her. Alexa is a passionate survivor and is dedicated to using her story to benefit and inspire others. 

Over the years, she has used her platform to raise awareness and encourage support for various causes. Alexa has personally raised over $50,000 for charity and through speaking, appearances, and social media, has helped other individuals and organizations raise funds for their respective campaigns. 

See more about her journey in this HooplaHa video from 2013 below. 

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In 2013, Alexa had a health scare - her cancer counts were rising and doctors feared that her Leukemia had become resistant to her what happened next in the video below.

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