It all started when...

Alexa first stood up on skies when she was 8. Growing up on a lake in Spicer, Minnesota, she was involved in watersports of all kinds but started focusing on wakeboarding when she was thirteen. Since the Minnesota summer is only three months long, Alexa spent as much time as she could on the water pursuing her passions. A cancer diagnosis at age sixteen threatened to terminate her wakeboard dream, but after regaining her health the following year, Alexa accelerated her academics to graduate high school early and move to Florida where should could wakeboard year round. After years of hard work, she competed in her first pro contest in 2011 and has been a part of the professional wakeboard industry ever since. Though no longer competing, she still represents brands, creates content, and continues to push the sport as a strong, respected female ambassador. 

In wake sports, pro riders can be marketable without being a contest hero, because 99 percent of participants in the real world will never enter a contest themselves. Alexa’s approach as a professional is untraditional, but as authentic as it gets. She’s a fun chick who loves being on the water (with a touch of ridiculousness) and that helps sell products. After scratching the surface, you realize she is a cancer survivor looking to live every day to the fullest, which adds a very inspiring human interest element to her marketability.
— Kevin Michael, former editor of WAKEBOARDING Magazine