Alexa co-starred with pro stand up paddleboarder Slater Trout in the LifeProof TV ad airing throughout summer 2016 on ESPN. 

Video by: Carousel Productions

"She got style, she got grace, she got the beautiful face. Alexa Score is the current pin-up girl in wakeboarding, you know her smile but how much do you know her riding? Wonder no more. She kills it and now you know better." - Union Wakeboarder Magazine

Video by: Andrew Adams

"Adventure Unknown", a PBS documentary about the life of wakeboarder Alexa Score.

Video by: Pioneer Public Television

A glimpse into the life of wakeboarder, writer, and cancer survivor Alexa Score.

Edited by: Rory Kramer #runit

Alexa and her sister, Tiffany, starred in the opening scene of the SyFy Channel movie, Two Headed Shark Attack!

In 2013 Alexa had a serious health scare. At that time, her doctors believed the Leukemia had mutated to become resistant to the medication that has been keeping the cancer at a controlled level since her diagnosis. See the rest of the story in the video above.

Video by: "Buddy" Brett Ramker

Pro wakeboarder Alexa Score talks about the 2015 Pasta For Pennies program.

Video by: Collin Harrington

"Meet 23-year-old Alexa Score, a professional wakeboarder living with chronic myeloid leukemia. She was only 16 when she found out, yet she didn't shy from making her dream a reality. She wanted to wakeboard, and not even cancer could keep her from moving to Orlando to make it happen." - HooplaHa

Video by: Spencer Norris

2011 LIVESTRONG benefit hosted by Alexa Score. 

Video by: Blain Leblanc