The Speaker

Seeing a need for genuine and relatable speakers, Alexa has grown passionate about sharing her experiences to help others achieve their goals, increase productivity, and live meaningful lives. Since 2017, she’s spoke at 70+ events and reached tens of thousands of people.

Having faced adversity at many stages of life, Alexa has the experience to relate to people of all ages and walks of life. It’s her mission to show people that they're in control of their destiny and that what defines them as individuals is not their shortcomings, but how they choose to deal with them. Whether it’s at a high school leadership conference, a charity gala, or a corporate event, Alexa encourages others and gives them to the tools to not only survive but to thrive.

The first time I saw Lex speak I instantly knew every high school kid in the country NEEDED to hear her story. Her Harbor episode is one of the most compelling stories we’ve ever captured. Do your school a favor and invite her to spend a day with your students!
— Mike Smith, The Harbor TV

Below is a preview for Alexa's 2017 The Harbor TV episode as seen in over 20,000 high schools across the US. 

Speaking topics 

Here are some of Alexa's most recent discussion topics. If there is an alternative subject you'd like her to cover, please let us know !


Overcoming adversity

Having come from a broken home in a small town and facing death as a 16 year old, Alexa has encountered adversity during many different stages of her life. By sharing her experiences, she encourages others to view their challenges as conquerable obstacles versus road blocks, and is able show how one can turn adverse situations into valuable learning experiences and use them to their advantage on the path to success. 



managing expectations

Regardless of age, we all feel pressure from the outside world to act, look, and feel certain ways. Alexa's journey has been no different, and she too has struggled with other's expectations of her as well as the pressure from today's society. She candidly shares her struggles in an effort to show others how to assess the source of the pressures we feel and, once identified, how to manage them effectively.


Goal reaching:

a to b not a to z

Alexa has achieved feats many people never thought possible. However, her success didn't come without hard work, dedication, and failure. In her talk, she explains why she believes intimidation is one of the biggest barriers when it comes to achieving goals. Instead of approaching goal setting as A to Z, Alexa explains how the first step to getting to Z is getting from A to B. Knowing where to start and which actions to take are the first and most critical steps to succeeding, kicking butt, and making one's dreams a reality.  

It is such a pleasure to have Alexa speak at Leukemia & Lymphoma Society events. She’s a passionate speaker, who is able to genuinely connect with her audience. Alexa has a good grasp on how to engage an audience, speak in a way they can understand, and be impactful with her message.
— Kelley Lesperance, Executive Director LLS
Alexa has been a keynote speaker for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for a variety of events since 2014. She has motivated our guests and volunteers to take on new challenges, fundraise, and donate towards our cause. Alexa won’t let anything, not event cancer, stop her from achieving her goals; her ability to convey that and talk about our cause has been a great help in motivating our supporters and getting others on board.
— Luis Gomez, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society