Another trip around the sun and another year under my belt. I know this blog may have been a little quiet in the past months, but I have been spending my time and efforts on another exciting writing project...details coming soon. With that said, having just celebrated a birthday, I figured I’d throw some raw, unedited thoughts out there – I am older and wiser now, after all.

As it turns out, I’ve just crossed the quarter-life threshold and entered the terrifying territory known as my “late twenties”. It’s the time when many people stop wishing years would pass, eagerly anticipating “what’s to come” and start wishing father time would slam on the breaks and slow the heck down. People begin to resent getting older.  

That’s something I’ll never fully understand – why people allow themselves to hate the aging process. I understand why people feel like they should be embarrassed of their age – the pressure from society will always be there -  but I can’t believe they actually waste their time doing it. Getting older is something that happens to everyone - everyone. Every single one of us is getting older, all day everyday, and not only is it natural, but it’s one of the only things in life that NO ONE can escape – money, nor fame or fortune can stop the ticking of time. 

So why are we so scared to get older? 

There are many reasons, I suppose. One of them being the fear of death. Knowing there is a set limit on each of our clocks and having little no control over it can, indeed, be a scary thought. But even scarier than death for many, are the affects that age have on physical beauty – fine lines, wrinkles, grey hair, etc. No, NOT THAT! Regardless, both issues are inevitable, and as far as I’m concerned, worrying about them is a waste of time itself (and may add a few grey hairs, too).

I look at another year as an accomplishment; like a “Holy shit, I did it again!” type event. Each time April 28th rolls around it feels as though I’ve outsmarted the system and allowed myself to enjoy yet another 365 days of life, love, and adventure that could have easily not happened. To be honest, it feels a little like stealin’.

Of course, I too feel the pressures from pop culture, and that pressure isn't going anywhere. Our society does and will continue to encourage each one of us to feel unsure of ourselves and offer a constant reminder that we are, indeed, not perfect. I don’t care how many “love yourself” campaigns Dove runs, there’s no changing that. But like all things in life, we each have a choice: we can accept the abuse or simply disregard it.  

When you look into the mirror, you have a choice: you can either see the effects of time as a sign of lost beauty and missed opportunity, or, you can see it as a gift and an opportunity to spend time with loved ones, follow your dreams, and make memories. It's up to you; beauty is, after all, in the eye of the beholder.

So instead of being afraid of aging, be proud that you got here. Embrace your age, the knowledge you’ve gained, and the battles you’ve fought to get you into the now...not to mention all of the beautiful memories you’ve had the pleasure of gaining along the way. 

We all have limited time here on earth, it’s true, and though some may be able to escape the visual effects of aging, we’re all on our way out. Prince said it best: 

Life is just a party, and parties weren’t meant to last.” 

Like the Little Purple Man’s, someday each one of our parties will wind down and come to an end. But fortunately for me and those of you reading this, our's are still rocking and are hopefully far from over. 

So congratulations for making it this far! Give yourself a pat on the back and your scars a kiss. Don’t be afraid to smell the roses, love your wrinkles, and enjoy the party while you’re here. Instead of wasting time worrying about when it will end, focus on making sure your music will play on long after the party is over. 

Now get out there and party like it’s 1999!