The Pantsless Revolution Ep 2: LF Spring Break!

Cancun, Mexico! The first thing that comes to mind when I hear Cancun is Carmen Electra hosting wet t-shirt contests on MTV’s Spring Break circa 1999 in between "live" Britney Spears and Sisco performances. To me, the vision of that stage with hundreds of bros in boardshorts and girls in neon bikinis is the epitome of SB, and I assume I’m not the only one.

Yeah, Cancun has a reputation for fruit loaded cocktails, cheesy spring break bars, and rum induced nightlife, but after spending filming for Liquid Force and Alliance Wake Mag in Mexico’s party central, I got to see a different side of the city. Though we drank our fair share of Don Julio and our antics were, at times, on par with the frat boys first pumping just down the beach, most of our time was spent off the main drag and on the water riding, exploring, and creating content. After getting to know the place a little better, I can whole heartedly say Cancun has more to offer than just Pina Coladas.

In this week’s podcast we talk Liquid Force Spring Break, interview pro skimboarder Austin Keen, and consider why change can be so damn hard to accept. I also clear up a couple things from Episode 1 and, of course, provide a spicy fact that you definitely didn't know about me. 

Have a listen to the podcast and browse through the photos. Though our LF Spring Break trip was productive, I’d like to think Molly Sims and Carson Daly would still be proud of us.

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