The Pantsless Revolution Ep 4: Do These Pants(less) Make Me Look Fat?!

Ahhh, yes, "body image". We had to cover it at some point, right? As societal norms and expectations continuously fluctuate, many bodies tend to follow in their path. Whether it's following the latest diet craze, starving oneself in pursuit of becoming "twiggy", or squatting your life away in the gym to try to grow what your momma gave ya, many of us seem to be continuously in pursuit of changing our bodies. But society appears to be shifting. Campaigns promoting curves and plus size are becoming more and more common, but is society truly promoting body-acceptance, or is the the "curvy is the new skinny" notion just another trend that will fade like a fart in the wind? On Episode 4, I, along with smokin' hot beauty expert and curvaceous model, Lea Montes, explore the issues that so many face when it comes to their bodies, why we're so insane about it, and ways to overcome the struggle. Most importantly, I'll discuss the difference between "self-acceptance" and 'self-love"... these two things are not created equal! 

So whether your butt is bony, fat, round, square, or non existent, sit it down in a chair and have a listen. #LOVEYOSELF