The Pantsless Revolution Ep 5: Paris is a State of Mind

You've heard me say it before: travel is an incredible thing. And to achieve a work/life balance and be on the go regularly is ideal for many, but the truth is: sometimes you just can’t swing it… Whether you're taking care of a sick family member, strapped by debt, or something else is holding you back, sometimes it's just not feasible. Here’s a little secret: the only thing better than traveling itself is when you don’t have to go anywhere to enjoy the benefits of “vacation”. For Paris (and being pantsless) is a state of mind, and in EPISODE 5 I'm coming at you live from the City of Love itself, Paris, France, to talk about how to stop living in the future and how to make "vacation" a permanent feeling. Have a listen and join me in the City of Light! Sante!