Beyond Surviving

A little over a year ago, I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Druker, the man who developed the lifesaving chemotherapy drug, Gleevec, and the man whom I owe my life to. The development of Gleevec is said to be one of the largest medical breakthroughs of ALL TIME, not to mention has prolonged lives like mine far beyond our wildest expecations. Needless to say, I was absolutely humbled to meet him, but I was even more amazed to witness his humble, grateful demeanor and to realize that his entire life’s work has been fueled by passion. Oh, and by the way, he grew up in Minnesota (#SKOL!). 

Early in his work, Dr. Druker lost the majority of his patients to CML within just a couple of years, because there were so few treatment options. He wrote a letter to each of their families offering his condolences and promised that he was going to work to do something about this awful disease. “We have to do better”, he wrote to them. Fueled by passion, Dr. Druker went to work in the lab, and, despite encountering numerous road blocks and setbacks, after three years his tireless work and dedication paid off He did exactly what he set out to do: He developed a treatment for CML that decreases and controls cancer cells and gives patients like me a chance to live. But not live just any life, but a FULL and MEANINGFUL one.

Since developing Gleevec, Dr. Druker hasn’t had to write any more letters. Without him and his dedication, my life expectancy would have been 3-5 years, but instead, I’ve had the opportunity to pursue my dreams, live my passions, and make countless memories with family and friends while living with cancer for over eleven years.

Dr. Druker defines the word “hero”. Not only is he brave, selfless, and tireless in his efforts, but he doesn’t need recognition to keep battling. He doesn’t score touchdowns, win Olympic medals or Grammys - though he deserves recognition as much or more than anyone I can think of. His reward comes in the form of life. We need more people like Dr. Druker in this world. Thank you, Dr. Druker, for your hard work, your determination to make a difference, and your zest for life.

Though I’d always known “someone” had developed Gleevec, admittedly, I never tried to find them. Instead, I’ve spent the last eleven years trying to live in a way I hope would make them proud. With that said, I can’t imagine anything more rewarding than reading Dr. Druker’s kind words on the OHSU Blog for National Cancer Survivor's Day (Read full the story here). There will never be anything I can say to properly express my gratitude for his unrelenting efforts, but I will continue to strive to making them worth it.

Thank you, Dr. Druker, for your passion, your dedication, and for not just giving me a chance to live, but for inspiring me to live a life worth saving. 

#Beyond Surviving #BELIKEDRUKER #SKOL


The Pantsless Revolution Ep 5: Paris is a State of Mind

You've heard me say it before: travel is an incredible thing. And to achieve a work/life balance and be on the go regularly is ideal for many, but the truth is: sometimes you just can’t swing it… Whether you're taking care of a sick family member, strapped by debt, or something else is holding you back, sometimes it's just not feasible. Here’s a little secret: the only thing better than traveling itself is when you don’t have to go anywhere to enjoy the benefits of “vacation”. For Paris (and being pantsless) is a state of mind, and in EPISODE 5 I'm coming at you live from the City of Love itself, Paris, France, to talk about how to stop living in the future and how to make "vacation" a permanent feeling. Have a listen and join me in the City of Light! Sante! 

Spring Cleaning

Spring is upon us!

And along with the season comes the glorious annual activity that is Spring Cleaning. Despite my sometimes seemingly relaxed ways, wannabe creative-mind, and impulsive travel decisions (I'm sitting in the London Gatwick airport as I type), I am predominantly Type A, which means organizing, planning, and cleaning are three of my all-time FAVORITE things. For me, spring cleaning is not only mandatory but also utterly enjoyed. Out with the old and in with more room for activities!

Not only is this annual tradition a good way to prevent being featured on “Hoarding: Buried Alive", but it’s also a great activity for the mind, is a responsible thing to do, and, if you choose to donate your unused items, is GREEN and environmentally friendly. Reuse and recycle versus purchasing new and demanding more production. Everyone wins - high fives all around!


This year, after spending many an hour going through clothes and cleaning wall-to-wall, I gathered a small mountain of clothes and various goodies I no longer needed and/or used. I posted on social media in search of recommendations for whom to donate to. Yes, I am fully aware that I could have simply Google’d it. The reason I asked around versus dropping my clothes off at Goodwill was because I was seeking organizations people had worked with, whom they trust and believe in (I just used "whom" twice in one paragraph, weird). I have nothing against Goodwill, but most of my clothing is gently-used professional wear that I wanted to ensure would get directly into the hands of women who need it. For free.

The feedback I received was stellar! And in addition to a plethora of suggestions, many also requested I share my findings. SO, below is a list of organizations which were recommended by friends and acquaintances in the Central Florida area and beyond. 


Obviously, there are a vast number of organizations in every area dedicated to assisting those in need. I prefer to research each organization I work with to ensure my time/help/donations are being utilized to their greatest extent. With that said, where you give is completely up to you. What's most important is that you GIVE period - whether it be time, money, clothing, or energy. Check out the info below and spread the love!

Have a great spring and happy cleaning!

- A.Score


Dress for Success – This is exactly what I was looking for! A group that accepts gently used women’s business attire which is then given to women whom the org. is helping enter the workforce. Other great news is that they have locations across the country! Dress for Success will be receiving all of my business-wear while my remaining clothes and other items will be going to various organizations below. *raises roof and nods head*


Harbor House of Central Florida - This group works to prevent and eliminate domestic abuse in Central Florida. They providing a plethora of services to survivors, while educating and engaging the community. Your clothes will go to survivors of domestic violence and abuse.  

Zebra Youth (Zebra Coalition) – An org. providing services lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, etc. youth ages 13-24 who are faces all types of related social issues. Clothing is given to those entering the workforce. 

BASE Camp - This org. benefits adolescent cancer patients and their families. I've worked with them before at local hospitals providing food and hosting events for patients, but they will also provide any donated clothing to families they work with who are in need. 

Fashion Forward - An organization run by Tiff Davis of "TAD of Style" which partners with local Orlando women’s groups. Tiff will be hosting personal sessions and pop-up’s with donated clothing/accessories.

The Mustard Seed - A clothing and furniture bank that assists families and individuals who've suffered disaster or personal tragedy. They provide household furnishings and clothing and are also dedicated to being environmentally responsible to our community.


The Pantsless Revolution Ep 4: Do These Pants(less) Make Me Look Fat?!

Ahhh, yes, "body image". We had to cover it at some point, right? As societal norms and expectations continuously fluctuate, many bodies tend to follow in their path. Whether it's following the latest diet craze, starving oneself in pursuit of becoming "twiggy", or squatting your life away in the gym to try to grow what your momma gave ya, many of us seem to be continuously in pursuit of changing our bodies. But society appears to be shifting. Campaigns promoting curves and plus size are becoming more and more common, but is society truly promoting body-acceptance, or is the the "curvy is the new skinny" notion just another trend that will fade like a fart in the wind? On Episode 4, I, along with smokin' hot beauty expert and curvaceous model, Lea Montes, explore the issues that so many face when it comes to their bodies, why we're so insane about it, and ways to overcome the struggle. Most importantly, I'll discuss the difference between "self-acceptance" and 'self-love"... these two things are not created equal! 

So whether your butt is bony, fat, round, square, or non existent, sit it down in a chair and have a listen. #LOVEYOSELF 

The Pantsless Revolution Ep 3: Spain and the Pantsless Traveler

Ok, so I love Spain, and in Episode 3 of the Pantsless Revolution Podcast, that is going to be quite evident! But beyond my love for the dancing, siesta-taking, wine drinking, seaside oasis I have a sincere appreciation for travel. But why? In this week's podcast (which has settled itself into a comfortable "bi-weekly" routine) you'll find out why the hell I'm in Spain so much, hear an interview from mi hermana, Tiff Score, and I'll explain why I believe travel is one of, if not the best ways to open your mind, learn, grow, and feed the soul. Enjoy!

The Pantsless Revolution Ep 2: LF Spring Break!

Cancun, Mexico! The first thing that comes to mind when I hear Cancun is Carmen Electra hosting wet t-shirt contests on MTV’s Spring Break circa 1999 in between "live" Britney Spears and Sisco performances. To me, the vision of that stage with hundreds of bros in boardshorts and girls in neon bikinis is the epitome of SB, and I assume I’m not the only one.

Yeah, Cancun has a reputation for fruit loaded cocktails, cheesy spring break bars, and rum induced nightlife, but after spending filming for Liquid Force and Alliance Wake Mag in Mexico’s party central, I got to see a different side of the city. Though we drank our fair share of Don Julio and our antics were, at times, on par with the frat boys first pumping just down the beach, most of our time was spent off the main drag and on the water riding, exploring, and creating content. After getting to know the place a little better, I can whole heartedly say Cancun has more to offer than just Pina Coladas.

In this week’s podcast we talk Liquid Force Spring Break, interview pro skimboarder Austin Keen, and consider why change can be so damn hard to accept. I also clear up a couple things from Episode 1 and, of course, provide a spicy fact that you definitely didn't know about me. 

Have a listen to the podcast and browse through the photos. Though our LF Spring Break trip was productive, I’d like to think Molly Sims and Carson Daly would still be proud of us.

(Full story to follow in Alliance Wake Magazine and on


The Pantsless Revolution Podcast

That's right people, it's for real! The Pantsless Revolution has officially begun - you're going to want to listen to this. In episode 1 of The Pantsless Revolution Podcast, you'll find out just what the hell the PR is, why you should care, and talk a little about priorities, focusing on those of us who are crazy enough to include sports as one of them. Make sure you stick around until the end to find out what's going down next week. 

So grab your Hawaiian shirt, drop trow, and press play!